Navayan Subscribe sidebar widget

Most of our clients has such kind of designs where they have more than one field to let their users subscribe to their website. After getting common requirements I thought it would be better to write my own plugin where our client can easily find what they want from a subscribe form. Thus ‘Navayan Subscribe‘ wordpress plugin took birth!


  1. Double opt-in Subscribe and UnSubscribe
  2. Default form field – Email
  3. Extended form fields – Name and Custom field
  4. Custom form heading, field labels
  5. Custom Email Templates
  6. Custom Error/Success/Information messages
  7. Option to hide form after success
  8. Send new subscriber notification to admin
  9. Send new post notification to subscribers
  10. Featured image in post notification
  11. Sidebar Widget
  12. Display Subscribe form on Subscribe page
  13. Option to send post content in email
  14. Translate text support
  15. User gets removed if UnSubscribed
  16. Checks whether user is logged in or not
  17. jQuery form validation
  18. HTML5 Placeholder
  19. HTML5 Validation with jQuery fallback
  20. Displays various users count
  21. Show Subscribers count – Optional
  22. Works with Custom Post Types too
  23. Spam protection – Restricts specific IPs, Domains, Emails with custom messages
  24. Active theme CSS for email templates

The subscribe form is only visible to non-logged user! So try logging out (if you are logged in as an admin or so) to see the form!

Download the plugin:

What Navayan Subscribe does?

‘Navayan Subscribe’ allows your visitors to easily and quickly subscribe to your website with double opt-in process, custom email templates, post/page notifications, spam protection. Can be used as a sidebar widget.

The additional field could be any field that you want to introduce to your users. It could be Company Name, Organization, Location, Occupation etc…

If you want to keep it simple then you don’t need to do anything. The plugin itself takes care of the simplicity. It will display the subscribe form with form heading, email field and subscribe button.

Installation and Usage

Simply download the plugin, activate it. After activation go to Dashboard -> Tools -> Navayan Subscribe

You can use subscribe form as a sidebar widget. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets OR use it in Subscribe page

I have set the basic UI for subscribe form. If you want to change it’s UI (width, font, color etc.) then you need to overwrite the CSS properties with !important method in your style.css. For example:

#ny_subscribe_wrapper label { width: 100px !important}
#ny_subscribe_wrapper input[type='text'] { width: 120px !important}

Extending Navayan Subscribe form

If you would like to ask your users their name then it is also possible with this plugin. You can also add additional form field as mentioned above.

Follow these steps and you are done!

  • Go to your Dashboard -> Tools -> Navayan Subscribe
  • Type label for Name and/or Custom fields
  • Provide error/success messages
  • Save the settings

Navayan Subscribe form settings

You will then see the subscribe form in extended mode for the users.

You can also specify the error and success messages, form heading, submit button label text and more. So that it will be more relevant to your website/blog.

Admin can add subscribers

Due to double opt-in process (its mandatory in most of the countries), this feature has been removed since v1.10.

Custom Email Templates

Navayan Subscribe provides easy to customize email templates for post/page notifications, subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation, which will be send to your website/blog users/subscribers. The email templates has the basic structure, which I think, is sufficient in subscribe notification or in confirmation emails. If you want to put your own words / sentences, go ahead and structure the email templates as you like! Use the given keywords in this email templates. The keywords are self-explanatory. You can use HTML tags with inline CSS style to beautify the emails!

Navayan Subscribe - Custom email templates

Double opt-in process

The double opt-in feature has been introduced since v1.10.

  • It focuses onto user’s independence and confirmation whether he/she wants to subscribe or not for site updates.
  • If user confirmed to subscribe, then user will receive an updates from the site.
  • If user dis-like or not interested, then user can un-subscribe.
  • After successful un-subscribe, user gets removed from the system and will not receive any updates from the site.

Navayan Subscribe - subscribe confirmation email

An article onto MailChimp will help you to understand double opt-in process in details.

Subscriber’s Inbox

As you set your email templates in settings, your website subscribers will get the same structure in their email inbox. I have tested it with Gmail and Yahoomail. Following screenshot is the minimal output of the email template of post/page notification. The email body has the excerpt text. Its up to you whether to send full content or excerpt.

Navayan Subscribe - post/page notification email

Notification email to admin

You can set whether to get notification of every successful subscription. If selected, the notification will be delivered to site admin.

Currently the email contains following message structure:

  1. Subject
  2. Name (if it has)
  3. Email
  4. Custom field (if it has)
  5. Date

All email templates are in HTML format with HTML5 markup! Also there is an option to use your active theme’s CSS for emails that are being sent!

Download the plugin:


The unsubscribe form is also customizable in plugin’s settings. It checks the user’s email and sends the un-subscribe confirmation email to subscriber. If subscriber confirms his/her un-subscription by clicking on un-subscribe link in received email,  subscriber gets removed completely from the system.

Spam Prevention!

There was a good amount of request to add spam protection. Thus its included in v1.13. You can make a list of IP addresses (both REMOTE and SERVER), Domain names, Emails that you would like to mark as SPAM for your website/blog. Plugin will not allow any interfere for black listed IP/Domain/Email. Less stress on your Database and Server!

Spam Protection

Common Questions

Q1. How to change the UI of Navayan Subscribe form?
– You can use either Navayan Subscribe form style or default style of your wordpress theme.
– Edit your style.css file located in your themes folder. You will need to overwrite the properties ie. #ny_subscribe_wrapper label { width: 100px !important}

Q2. Does admin receives email for each successful subscription?
– Yes. After user confirms his/her subscription, admin will receive an email.

Q3. Does subscribers receives email for every new post?
– Yes! As long as you select ‘Notify Subscribers’ checkbox during post save/update/publish actions.

Q4. Does notification have any delay?
– No. Notifications will be delivered as soon as the post get saved/updated/published. Pre-condition is ‘Notify Subscribers’ checkbox should be selected!

Q5. Does it have custom_post_type email notification?
– Yes! It works for custom post type as well :)

Q6. Is it multilingual?
– No. But it has the text translation support as provided by WordPress.

Q7. Can I use it in sidebar widget?
– Yes. Please go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag-drop ‘Navayan Subscribe’ widget to sidebar.

Q8. Does it sends post content in email?
– Yes. You can set the email template as you want. Copy-Paste the relevant keywords with curly braces and save the template.

Q9. Does it check whether the user is logged in or not?
– Yes. The form will be visible to non-logged in users only. So if you logged in as an admin or so, please log out to see the form! You can set a custom message for logged in user.

Q10. Does it have un-subscribe feature?
– Yes. Using double opt-in process since v1.10

Q11. Does it delete users if they un-subscribe?
– Yes. User’s all information gets deleted from the system after successful un-subscribe.

Q12. Can admin set custom Un-Subscribe message?
– Yes. The messages are customizable at plugin’s form settings.

Q13. How Un-Subscribe feature works?
– Plugin creates ‘UnSubscribe’ page (if not already created) with [ nys_UnSubscribePageContent ] shortcode in page content. So whenever your subscriber clicks on ‘UnSubscribe’ link in post notification email, it returns to your blog/website on ‘UnSubscribe’ page and asks the email. If the email is valid and exist in the system, it sends an un-subscribe confirmation email to user. If user clicks on the un-subscribe confirmation link, that user gets deleted from the system.

Q14. How to get rid off ‘Subscribe’ and ‘UnSubscribe’ pages from menu?
– If you are using ‘Page’ based menu then you will certainly sees ‘Subscribe’ and ‘UnSubscribe’ pages in a menu. Please don’t delete that pages as it requires for plugin to work properly. You have to go to ‘Appearance -> Menus‘ and create a top level menu with the pages/posts/categories/tags you want. Here you can exclude those pages from the menu list. Save the menu as primary top level menu (or use ‘wp_nav_menu()’ in header.php) and see the difference! Check How to create navigation menu? and wp_nav_menu for step by step instructions.


Current version:
Navayan Subscribe v1.13 (Change log)

Older versions:
Navayan Subscribe v1.12
Navayan Subscribe v1.11
Navayan Subscribe v1.10
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.9

Navayan Subscribe v1.1.8

Navayan Subscribe v1.1.7.4

Navayan Subscribe v1.1.7.3
(Change log)
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.7.2
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.7
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.6 (Change log)
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.5 (Change log)
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.4.2
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.4.1
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.4
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.2
Navayan Subscribe v1.1.1
Navayan Subscribe v1.0

Use Navayan CSV Export WP plugin to export the wordpress table data, users into CSV format.

Donate (Dhammadana)

I call donations as Dhammadana. Please consider a small donation via PayPal. If you face any problem at PayPal, there are more donate options. Providing continuous support for the plugin, requires good amount of time and efforts. Your small $10, $20, $30 donation will help me in this regard to some extent!

127 Responses to “Navayan Subscribe – easy way to subscribe wordpress website or blog”

  1. Rich Okun says:

    Dear Amol;

    I have been using your plug in for many months and everything was working fine, but all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago – I stopped getting notified of my posts and subscribers – I checked the settings and everything looks okay and I did not change anything but now I am not getting email notification – Some of my subscribers are getting the notify email – Can you recommend where I might find the problem please.
    Thank you so much

    • Two reasons I guess: 1. Update the plugin, 2. Your host might has the email deliver limit.

      • Rich Okun says:

        Dear Amol;
        I have had the host server (rack Space) clear their cloggs, I have also installed MailGun as a plugin to get around the php issues of emailing notifications. I have deinstalled all other plugins and now I get my comments, and other notifications but I do not (neither do my subscribers) get the notifications they were getting from your plugin –
        Can you please recommend another thing might look at to solve this. It will become very critical soon, as I am publishing my first book and need this functionality.
        If I were to delete and then reinstall your plugin how can I save and import the current subscribers?
        Thank you in advance for your help – this is puzzling..

        • Rich Okun says:

          additionally – I have deleted and reinstalled with no effect and the other thing is that when I publish a post and check the notify subscriptions box it does not say Yes that it has notified (in the past it said it notified (green yes) but no one was getting the emails).
          I hope you can direct me to a solution – thank you

      • Jerry Baum says:

        My plugin quit working about two weeks ago. When I check “Notify Subscribers” and click on “Publish” the page gives me a notice that says, “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.” The page publishes, but subscribers are not notified. repeating the process results the same. My plug-in is up to date.

  2. Lisa says:

    Me too! My subscribers are not getting their emails. Is there a setting on the server that we need changed or is this just a bunk add on

  3. Lisa says:

    I updated and it is still happening. The host does not have a send limit.

  4. Hello — I love this plugin!

    Any thoughts on postponing the notification on a post that’s scheduled to publish in the future?

    I just set an update to publish tomorrow morning, but subscribers were notified, even though the content isn’t visible to them yet. A shame to have to disable notifications on scheduled posts.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    • Kim D says:

      Yes!!! This would be a great feature to have the notification go out automatically with the scheduled publish (and not before)! It would save the manual step and forgetting to do it if one schedules a lot of posts ahead of time.

  5. Rich Okun says:

    Dear Amol –

    I have a new blog that I am using your subscription and notification services with
    Everything seems to be working except for the email template will not send the thumbnail to the post notification even though I have it in the email template. {POST_FEATURED_IMAGE}
    Can you recommend I try something to make this work – it is an important aspect to my notification process.
    Thank you so much

  6. M says:

    How can the administrator access the email addresses of the subscribers and where can I view the numberof subscribers on the dashboard without displaying it on the widget?

  7. Using Navayan subscriber program. The subscription part seems fine. It sends and receives confirmation emails. However, even with all parameters met, the notification of new posts are not going out. SO, I am asking you as well as the web host the same question….why? Where is the bottleneck? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

  8. Jon M says:

    Hi – the last few emails have gone out with a very dark grey background colour. I have hasd people complain they cannot read the emails. How do I change the background colours of the emails?
    This has only been since I updated the plug-in.I have the latest version.

  9. Milena says:

    My subscribers also don’t receive notifications for new posts! Can we expect an update soon with the issue fixed?

  10. Monika A. says:

    Can I add this sign up box inside a modal window/lightbox? If so are there instructions to do so? – Thanks

  11. Sundeep says:

    I created a post today and it notified my viewes with a blank email. No subject and no content in email.

    What could be the reason.

    • JustinG says:

      I am getting the same blank emails sent out (and I didn’t even realise till someone told me recently)

      Please can someone help? I have no idea why?!


  12. Ali says:

    Thanks for the subscribe feature…a great tool and I’m happy to have it.
    I’ve just tested it with my first post (subscribed myself from another account) and the background of the email is a dark grey. Is there any way to change the background colour of the email so that it sends as regular white?
    My blog is upbeat and positive and I feel the grey background is not quite in alignment with the image I’m presenting.
    Your help would be appreciated! Thank you :)

  13. Roger says:

    { Subscription has been blocked for this IP! } Getting this message since I updated to the latest version. I haven’t added any REMOTE IPs or SERVER IPs. Can you please assist me?

  14. Roger says:

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help with the “ip blocked message” issue from the latest version of this plugin.

  15. Roger says:

    In Common Questions, Q13 ends with this…” If user clicks on the un-subscribe confirmation link, that user gets deleted from the system.” That does not work for me. Can anyone help?

  16. Glenn says:


    I am having the same issue as others above. I select “notify subscribers”, click “update”. The checkbox is cleared (shows as unchecked again), how it does not show “yes” and there are no notifications sent.

    Any thoughts?


  17. bobby says:


    I want to send a notification each time i update my post as i use it for a photo album how can i set this?


  18. Thank you for your plugin.
    in function nys_Box(), there is a bug. when this function try to draw htmls in the new post page, you plugins elements cover each other becuase of its css.
    for solving, it should be used:
    echo ‘ ‘;

  19. Phillip Ross says:

    If I schedule a post, and click “Notify Subscribers” because I want WordPress to send an announcement when the post is published, it sends the notice immediately upon “scheduling” the post. It would be nice to fix this.

  20. Bartess76 says:

    An earlier version allowed to send emails to the changes the content of the page, instead of checkbox now see “Notification Sent!” and I can not send a notification with a titer of content. How do I change?


  21. Michael says:

    In IE the name, email and custom field names are not showing up in the text box.
    Any thoughts?

  22. Amy says:


    This plugin is not working for me. All users are set to subscribers and when I check the box to notify, no one receives emails. This has been going on for months. It would be nice if you could reply to these comments and address the issue since most of the concerns have been regarding this particular problem. Any update?

  23. Matt says:

    Hi, I’ve been using this plugin and I highly rate it.
    I was wondering if there is the ability (that I’m missing) or might be planned in the near future for the email notifications to go out automatically when a scheduled post goes public.
    At present I have to go back in on the day a scheduled post goes public and check the notification box. I tried it with the box ticked on a scheduled post, but it sent out a notification before the post was public.


  24. Allen Taylor says:

    Having the same issue on my wife’s blog. It keeps sending out the notification on drafts before the posting is published.

    • Jerry Baum says:

      Yes. I asked for support, and they told me that it sounded like my server wasn’t connected to some other server (or something like that). Not something I think I can resolve. Talked to my client, and she said, “Let’s go with Mail Chimp, it always works.” Can’t argue with that. Now the problem is exporting our subscription list. The creator of this plugin also offers a plugin that exports the list, but it doesn’t work for me because it requires my server to offer something it doesn’t run. I don’t know what exactly. I’m not a programmer. I just wish I didn’t have this mess on my hands. Now I’m at risk of losing hundreds of subscribers, a list that took a few years to build. It’s upsetting and disappointing. Good luck Allen !

  25. Steve says:

    Email notifications stop sending. I spoke with my web provider and they told me the problem was the fact that I have over 500 subscribers. They said I needed to contact you to find out how to throttle the message. In order to break it up in chunks for the email blasts. I’m not sure what this all means, but would greatly appreciate your help.

    • This is a known limitation, since most of hosts has limit of max 500 emails/hour. It will need to set cron job on server. I will plan for this update.

      • Steve says:

        “This is a known limitation, since most of hosts has limit of max 500 emails/hour. It will need to set cron job on server. I will plan for this update.”

        Is there any work around for the time being until you have the update ready? Really not sure what to do any suggestions would be much appreciated.

        • To achieve this, you will have to do following:

          1. Content of ‘nys_NotificationEmail‘ function need to be in separate php file (say digest.php) with some parameters that are currently inherited from other functions/constants of the plugin.
          2. Then set a cron job for digest.php at every hour.
          3. Make sure you are storing previous email sent subscribers count, while looping wp_email function. I mean each loop will have max 499 (or even less) subscribers in BCC.
          4. By doing this the server will execute the cron job after every hour and will send emails to next 499 (or what ever the limit you had put through) subscribers on every cycle.
  26. Are you planning to suport category independent subscription?

  27. am currently using this plugin at my blog and i wanted to ask it there is any way i could decrees or increase the excerpt length

  28. Allison says:

    I am having that same issue too. It looks like a few others are as well. Still waiting for response on how to correct.

  29. I get the same thing how do I fix this?

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