WordPress Plugin – Navayan TinyMCE Pretty Code

Did you feel stressed when you have to make some text, of your WordPress post, as inline code or to add syntax highlighter class to pre-formatted text? ‘Navayan TinyMCE Pretty Code’ WordPress plugin will save your time and takes out the weird behavior!

New HTML5 elements to be introduced

Most of the time developers deals with ERROR, SUCCESS, FAIL actions either with/without form. And <p>, <div> or other elements are widely used with classes like .error, .fail, .success. But I think could be more intuitive way for such responses. … Continue reading →

WordPress WP_ADMIN_DIR Constant

There are various ways to set (and get) wordpress admin directory. I do not understand why wordpress has not included that! Method 1: if (!defined('WP_ADMIN_DIR')) define('WP_ADMIN_DIR', './wp-admin/'); In this method the WP_ADMIN_DIR constant will be very vague and will create … Continue reading →